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Covid Vaccination

My experience with Moderna vaccines.

For those with autoimmune disorders, contracting Covid may have severe consequences. The overwhelming consensus in the medical community is that the benefits of the Covid vaccination outweighs its side effects for those with autoimmune disorders. Because autoimmune disorders qualify as a pre-existing condition in some states (like NY), I was eligible to receive the vaccines earlier than the general population. I was eager to receive my vaccinations because I was quite worried about how Covid may affect me and was afraid of the long-haul symptoms that some people experience.

However, knowing my own body, I was prepared for the inflammation to be bad after my shots. Generally, whenever I've gotten a flu vaccine, it would trigger a mini flare lasting a few days to a week. My symptoms would include systemic pain, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. I was prepared for the same thing to happen after my Covid vaccines.

First Dose

"It felt like a bad flare: I was achy, fatigued, and couldn't think."

On the day of my first shot, I was in the midst of a flare triggered by seasonal allergies and taking 10mg of Prednisone. I told my vaccination nurse about my medication, and she advised that though the vaccine may trigger less of an immune response due to the Prednisone, it should still work. On that day, I received the shot with limited response other than a sore arm. However, by the second day, I felt as though my whole body was burning. It felt like a bad flare: I was achy, fatigued, and couldn't think. It lasted that way for about 2 days, when I was pretty much bed-ridden with a cooling pad on my head and neck at all times. Because this was my first shot, I had not expected the reaction to be so strong, as I'd heard from most people that they had a stronger reaction on the second shot. It was honestly a pretty terrible 2 days before I started to slowly feel normal again. Throughout this, I was also tapering from my Prednisone, which may have made thing worse.

Second Dose

"Miraculously, after the second shot, I felt great!"

By the time my second shot approached, I was honestly dreading the side-effects. I pre-planned this time to do nothing for the whole weekend after shot and made sure there was chicken soup on hand. Miraculously, after the second shot, I felt great! Better than I've felt in a while actually. The only side effect was a very sore arm with a little bruise.

But then I remembered that I thought I may have contracted Covid last winter, though I tested negative twice. There were also news articles suggesting that those who had Covid may have a stronger reaction after the first vaccine shot. I actually think some of my lingering symptoms from last winter improved, and I was finally starting to feel energetic again on some days. I read about similar experiences for some long-haulers. I have a strong suspicion that I had Covid last winter. But whether it was the case or not, I'm glad that I am currently doing a lot better than I was a few months ago.

And with my vaccinations out of the way, I am looking forward to traveling again...

Have you received your vaccinations yet? Please share your experiences and feel free to message me with any questions about my personal experiences.



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