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Ingrid was diagnosed with Sjogren's at the age of 28.  It took her 5 years to obtain a diagnosis because physicians repeatedly disregarded her symptoms as psychological.  Even after having a diagnosis, she was often met with rheumatologists who dismissed Sjogren's as a nuisance with only dry eyes and dry mouth.

After connecting with others through social media, Ingrid learned that many of those with autoimmune diseases share the same symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, and systemic pain.  They also share the same struggles of finding everyday solutions when the medical community has yet to fully grasp and understand the full complexities of Sjogren's and autoimmune disorders in general.

In struggling with understanding her own condition and attempting to document her symptoms, Ingrid became motivated to come up with a simpler solution for everyone afflicted by autoimmune disorders.  In 2020, she launched her own company, Sjogren's Tracker, which creates digital apps that helps those with chronic illnesses track symptoms, medication, and environmental triggers.  Her goal is to use technological capabilities and statistical analyses to find trends in symptoms and help users identify triggers.

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